Wooha Run

For Water. For Life.

"Wooha" means Water

60 - 80 percent of communicable diseases in Ethiopia are attributed to lack of access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation resources

Water. The most fundamental element to human life. Needed for hydration, cleaning, cooking, and hygiene. 

In Ethiopia, Africa, a staggering 42 million people (39%) lack access to improved drinking water and 71 million people (63%) lack access to improved sanitation.

40 Ethiopian schoolchildren are determined to do something about the chronic water shortage impacting their school campus. The children will be running for water in November 2020. They seek pledges of any amount to fund a well on their school campus.

The well will ensure clean drinking water and sanitation - especially critical during the global pandemic, and will be shared with thousands of residents in the local community.

Choose a Student to Pledge

Wooha Runners

There are 40 students eager to be your legs - simply donate any amount towards the purchase and installation of a water well for their school campus. The children have never participated in such an event and they are thrilled to take an active role in helping their school. Each student is eagerly awaiting a pledge! 

Goal: 5 x $25 USD pledges per child

Age 11

I live with my mother and two siblings. My father abandoned us. My mother bakes bread and earns $12 USD per month. I enjoy jumping rope and want to become a nurse someday. I have a water shortage at my home so I believe in this cause.

Age 13

I never knew my father. My mother raised me until she fell ill. I am now cared for by my elderly grandparents who live on a pension of $10 USD / month. I love to study math and English and one day I want to become a pilot. 

Age 9

I am a sweet and well mannered girl. I live with my mother and sister. We had to leave my father due to a bad situation. My mother struggles to find work to support my sister and I. I adore my sister and spend my free time playing with her.

Age 11

I used to live in a tent on the sidewalk outside a bar. BCI helped my family have a home. They say I am a resilient child who has bounced back remarkably. I love to run and place soccer and I also like pasta. My favorite animal is the cat.

Age 10

My mother died and my father disappeared. My elderly grandparents now take care of me. I enjoy studying mathematics at school and I ranked 1st in my class in 2019. 

Age 13

I am kind and shy with a good work ethic. I have two brothers. My mother breaks up concrete to earn a small income, but it's not much. I enjoy running and spending time with my brothers.

Age 9

Before I was born, my mother was injured in a fire at the hotel she worked at. After she gave birth to me, my father passed away from illness. I enjoy studying science and playing soccer.

Age 12

My father disappeared. My mother and I later discovered that he had been killed. I enjoy playing soccer and I want to become a doctor and help sick people.

Age 12

I am so thankful to be part of the BCI program! It has made such a great change in my life. I was once very shy and would not smile. Now, I'm feisty and loving, and like to be the leader in my circle of friends! I like to draw and jump rope in my free time.

Age 16

I live with my mother, brothers, and sisters. I have a chronic eye condition that causes me pain and makes life challenging. I enjoy studying math and playing soccer. When I grow up I would like to become a doctor to help other people with disabilities.

Age 9

I am a creative girl. I love to color and jump rope. I live with my mother, brother, and grandmother. My grandmother is sick often. I have dreams of becoming a pilot when I grow up because the Ethiopian Air Force is nearby where I live.

Age 12

My father died when I was young. Tragedy struck again in 2017 when my mother died, leaving my brothers and I as full orphans. My brothers are my best friends and we are close. I enjoy eating pasta and my favorite color is red.

Age 13

I live with my mother and two siblings in a government rent house. My favorite subject in school is environmental science. My favorite animal is the cat and my favorite color is red. In the future I want to become a doctor.

Age 12

I am the youngest of three boys and two sisters in my family. Both of my parents are ill and my mother has cancer. My father works as a horse cart driver and a church guard so he is not home often. I enjoy playing soccer. 

Age 12

My father used to work as a night guard. One night my mother found him dead at work. To this day no one knows how he died. His death left behind myself and six of my siblings. In 2020, my mother died and I am now a full orphan. 

Age 16

I began living with my aunt after my parents abandoned me. I now live with my father, grandmother, step mother and brothers.
My favorite class is English and my goal is to become a doctor. I enjoy listening to music.

Age 14

I've been through a lot of hardship in my life. My father passed away long ago due to an illness. The area where I grew up is full of bars and brothels. BCI rescued my mother and I and my life improved until my mother died in 2018. I am studying hard in school to give myself a future.

Age 15

I lost my father several years ago to an unknown illness. Upon his death, our family was chased away because of a piece of land my oldest brother stood to inherit. In 2017, my mother passed away. I stick together now with my brothers. Someday, I hope to become a pilot.

Age 13

My grandmother has been taking care of my mother and I since I was born. My mother was assaulted before my birth and sustained physical and emotional injuries that restrict her life to this day. Despite this, I am outgoing and thriving. I enjoy football and hope to become an airforce pilot.

Age 15

I live with my grandmother and seven other children in the house. I lost my father to an illness. I Iove school and my favorite class is english because it is a worldwide language . I enjoy playing football with my friends and also singing and I dream of becoming a doctor. 

Age 13

My name is Getaneh but I am called Aba. My sister and I lost our mother to an illness. Grief caused my father illness that kept him from working and he sent us to live with our grandmother. I am an athlete and enjoy running, and in the future I want to be a chemist.

Age 15

I was bore out of a very violent situation. Despite this, I am a happy teen. I live with my mother, sister and three brothers. My favorite subject is English and I am currently ranked 3rd in my class. I want to become a scientist and I have big dreams for my future. 

Age 16

I work hard and earn honors at school but life is very difficult for me. My father has a drinking problem and smokes chronically, which causes respiratory issues for me. Both of my parents have severe, chronic illnesses and there is no electricity or light in my home.

Age 16

After my mother died, my father sent me to live with my grandmother. I live with my brother, grandmother, aunt and two cousins, but we have no income. I love English, mathematics and watching innovation films. My favorite animal is the cat.

Age 18

I am living in a dirt shack with my four siblings and grandmother. Both of my parents have passed away. I am trilingual and speak Gurage, Amharic and English. I enjoy playing football with my siblings and friends, and attending school. 

Age 20

My two brothers and I moved to Debre Zeyit to live with our aunt after our father died. Before joining the BCI program, I had never been to school, but I am so glad to be here! I do not have much, but I still know how to have fun and I enjoy Tae Kwon Do and playing soccer.

Age 13

I lost my mother and am now living in government housing with my brothers, ages 11 and 18, the oldest of which attends university. We have no real source of income but we sell papers on the street to whoever will buy them. My favorite subject is English.

Age 18

I live with my mother and two younger brothers.  When I was younger I lived next door to a BCI missionary and loved to go to her house to play. I even learned how to play American football! I enjoy reading novels and history books and playing soccer. 

Age 11

I may appear shy but I'm very friendly and love to laugh. I live with my parents, who are both ill, and two brothers. My father operates a horse cart during the day and works as a guard at our church at night time. I love school I will often run errands to help out my parents.

Age 16

I am a quiet young man and I have lived a hard life. I am the youngest of four children and we all live with our mother. Our father passed away during a cave-in on a house he was building. I enjoy football and dream of becoming a famous player one day.

Age 20

I live with my mother, but we are both sick and my father died of unknown causes. My mother is a daily laborer who makes $25/month. I help by cleaning the house and washing clothes. I hope to one day become a doctor so I can help the sick people of Debre Zeyit.

Age 11

I've been through a lot at a young age. After both of my parents died, my grandparents took care of me. When my grandmother passed away, my grandfather sent me to live with my aunt. I like to play soccer and enjoy playing the keyboard, singing, and studying Amharic.

Age 16

I live with my mom, two brothers and one sister. My mom sells onions and potatoes at the market making $10/month. My father abandoned us and then passed away in 2017. I am very social, friendly and have a spirit to cheer people up. I enjoy math, volleyball, and worshipping God.

Age 19

I am fun and have a rich imagination. My father is deceased and I don't know where my mother is. I live with two aunts, two uncles and my grandparents. I struggle with social skills due to neglect early in my life but I love to be loved. I enjoy studying civics at school and listening to music.

Age 16

I live with my mother who is sick. She works as a teacher’s assistant. My father died due to complications from an illness. I have an older brother and sister but they don’t live with us. I help my mother by going on short errands. My favorite subject is math and I want to become a pilot.

Age 18

I am an only child and I live with my mother who suffers from asthma. My mother had to quit her job as a result of her severe asthma. I enjoy school and dream of becoming a doctor one day. In my free time, I enjoy reading books, including the Bible. I study the Bible with my mother.

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